What is VISIONS?

VISIONS is an Asian/Asian American art and literary publication, established in 2000 and dedicated to providing a community forum for Asian/Asian American students, faculty, and staff at Brown and RISD. Our goal is three-fold:

  1. Build a stronger sense of community amongst students, staff, faculty, and alumni;
  2. Increase Asian/Asian American visibility on campus; and
  3. Raise awareness about general ethnic diversity on campus, not limited to the Asian experience

We print once a semester and have approximately 1,000 readers (students, faculty, alumni, and staff) across the university. When the magazine is distributed at the end of each semester, VISIONS holds a Release Party, which is structured like an open mic event and open to all, free of charge. Both the magazine and the Release Party are meant to be open and welcoming spaces for writers, performers, and artists involved in the Asian/Asian American community at Brown and RISD to showcase their creative talent.


Do you have to be Asian or Asian American to submit pieces to the magazine?

No, you do not have to be of Asian descent to submit to VISIONS. As a literary and art magazine dedicated to the Asian/Asian American community at Brown and RISD, we are devoted not only to providing a forum for the Asian/Asian American voice but also integrating that unique voice into the diversity of the larger Brown community. Therefore, we never turn away submissions from anyone who is interested in having their work considered for publication in VISIONS. All that we ask is that submissions be relevant to our mission of being a sounding board for Asian/Asian American issues and identity. For more details on our mission, see above (“What is VISIONS?”).


What are the requirements for submissions?

VISIONS welcomes any submissions that coincide with our mission statement. Although we accept all kinds of pieces – poetry, op-eds, prose, painting, photography, sculpture, etc. – your piece must be original, and all contributing writers or artists should be properly credited in your submission. If your piece has been previously published, please inform us as to which publication it was originally published in.

All written submissions should be sent in as MS Word files or, if the piece calls for it, as a PDF. For printing purposes, art submissions should be at a resolution of 300dpi or higher. All submissions must be received at visions.brown@gmail.com by the stated deadline for the semester. Submissions should be included as attachments (one for each individual piece), and in the body of the email, please state your name, school, year of graduation, and title of your piece, as you would like to see them published.


Where can I pick up a copy of VISIONS?

New issues of VISIONS are released at the end of every semester during our Release Party, where copies are available for those who attend. After the Release Party, you may obtain a copy of VISIONS at:

The Rock
TWC lobby
EAST, LITR, ENGL, and COLT Dept. Buildings
Barus & Holley
The Gate

Lobby of 15 West
Carr Haus Café
The Met Cafeteria
Portfolio Cafe
RISD Post Office
The Watermark
RISD Fleet Library


How can I get involved in VISIONS?

The first way to get involved in VISIONS is to submit your writing or artwork-anyone at Brown or RISD can do this, and it’s the easiest way to get your voice heard in VISIONS. The second way is to apply to become a copy editor. Every semester, 3-4 copy editors work with the Editor-in-Chief to read and edit all the literary pieces that will go into the magazine. This is a good chance to get a first-hand look at what kind of content goes into VISIONS as well as how the magazine works behind the scenes. The final and most involved way to be a part of VISIONS is to apply for an E-Board position. Nearly every semester, new spots on the E-Board open up, and while the spots that become available vary from semester to semester, most (except for the editor positions) do not require special skills. We do, however, ask interested students to fill out applications and sit for an interview with the editors. E-Board membership is quite time-consuming, but it is also a valuable and fun experience and a unique opportunity to create a publication that is read by hundreds of other students on campus.

For information on copy editor applications and available E-Board positions, please speak to the Editor-in-Chief at Larry_Au@brown.edu.


Where can I hear news about VISIONS?

The best way to hear about VISIONS events and opportunities is through joining the VISIONS listserv. Once you have joined the listserv, you will receive emails with all important news concerning VISIONS. In order to join, please contact us at visions.brown@gmail.com with your request, and write “VISIONS listserv” in the subject line. You may also visit our website to see previous issues and updates, and join our Facebook fanpage for photos and videos from our events. If you would like to see videos from our Release Parties, please see our YouTube channel .


How can I remove myself from the listserv?

If you would like to be removed from our listserv, please do not email us with requests to be removed. Instead, go to http://listserv.brown.edu, log in using your Brown email address and password, and scroll down the list of listservs until you reach “VISIONS”. Once you are on the VISIONS listserv page, you should see a link in blue that reads “Join or Leave VISIONS”. Once you have clicked on that link, you should click on the button that reads “Leave VISIONS”, and this should bring you to another page that tells you that you have successfully removed yourself from our listserv. This is a very easy process, so again, please do not email us with requests to do it for you.


What is the Release Party, and who can perform?

The Release Party, as mentioned previously, is an open-mic event that we hold once a semester to celebrate the release of our magazine and also provide an open and informal setting for students at Brown and RISD to perform songs, poems, dances, and more. Admission is free, and we provide food and refreshments, free of charge. Anybody can attend, and any student, faculty member, alumnus, or staff member at Brown and/or RISD can perform.

However, we do require that anyone who is interested in performing contact us a few weeks before the Release Party, and that they have a plan that is shared with us before the performance. Space and time are limited, so each performance is required to limit itself at 3-6 minutes, and performances that take up a lot of space, such as a hip-hop dance ensemble, would not be considered feasible. We may also refuse interested performers if they contact us too close to the Release Party, although we try to include as many performers as we can.