Bianca Eyales



Bianca Eyales first discovered an interest in creative writing during her middle school years. She has since then cultivated an ever-growing passion for the literary arts, leading her high school’s literary and art magazine, Liham, as Editor-in-Chief during her final two years, contributing to several school bulletins and newsletters, and acting as a contributing writer for the International Students Blog of Magazine. In the past two years, she has recently developed an interest in photography and modern art and hopes to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of both disciplines in the coming years. A native of the Philippines, Bianca is a first-year student here at Brown University. She, as of the present moment, hopes to concentrate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In the time that she doesn’t spend browsing the Internet for attention-grabbing literary and art pieces, news, and snippets, she enjoys maintaining an interest and keeping up to date with fashion, working out in the lovely Nelson fitness center, indulging in any and all musical activities, and watching The Mindy Project.

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